Trademark registration and protection is issued only for a specific time, the time for protection of Trademark varies from one country to another, but in most African countries the trademark registration is given for a period between 7-15 years. Upon expiration of the protection time owner of the mark has to file an application for renewal of Trademark, so that the protection time can be extended for further period of time.

Trademark Renewal Application, in most countries this is a specific form confirming that the owner wish to renew histrademark and use it for another period.

The mark should be renewed upon every expiration of protection period, if the owner fails to file renewal application on time some countries have a grace period of 6-12 months after the date of expiration of your trademark when you can file a petition to revive your trademark.

If the trademark is not renewed even after grace period then the trademark may be removed from the registy and the risk of loosing the mark will be high as it will be as much as unprotected trademark.

We can assist you with Trademark Renewal in any country of your interest. The service includes filling out the renewal application and handling the process. The process is straightforward and Our attorneys are ready to offer you the renewal services in any country.