In globalisation age, today’s development and management of intangible assets have become a major priority to many organizations and businesses. Trademarks for many enterprises are fabulous stories of success and their most valuable assets.

Protecting your trademark (brand, logo or wordmark) is the most important investment you can make. Your registered trademark is an asset. You can sell it, you can franchise it and you can use it exclusively. Unregistered trademarks have no protection, can be easily lost and can’t be sold.

We, are fully aware that trademarks are not just mere logos, distinguished colors, slogans, sounds and alike but also a trustworthy tool through which businesses can achieve a sustained competitive advantage and can be remembered and associated in the minds of their consumers.

Our firm has extensive experience with trademark protection, advising companies on the names that can be protected by trademark law of the country of interest, and assisting our clients with Trademark registration of their trademarks in any African Country of their choosing, also through Regional Organization such as ARIPO and OAPI