About Us

We will defend your rights against powerful interests.

Who we are

We Are Your Trademark Registration Partner

NextMark Attorneysย is one of the African leading Trademark registration Organization that specializes on Trademark Protection. We provide all Trademark services, including but not limited to Trademark Registration, Prosecution, Renewal, Assignment, Trademark monitoring, and all other related Trademark Services, in Africa

Our main focus is to do all of the hard-legal work for business and brand owners, and to provide cost-effective Trademark solutions for our clients, and other Trademark related services.

We have a team of lawyers, with years of experience in Trademark Registrations and Prosecution, who can assist you in the whole process of Trademark registration and make sure that your Trademark is properly protected in any African Country of your choice.

Why Choose Us

How We Do It

Once you engage us, we will assign to you the Trademark Attorney, whom you will ask for the trademark services you require in a specific African Country.

The Trademark Attorney will provide you with all the required information including what is needed as requirements and procedure, to provide the Trademark Services you requested in the Specific African Country of your choice

Our Local Trademark Attorneys in each African country will do all necessary procedures and file the Trademark Application as required or needed.

After filling the Trademark application, we will forward to you through an email the copies of Trademark application as filed and timely update you on information regarding trademark application Progress.

Once the Trademark is successful registered, then we will send to you the Certificate of Registration, together with all the original, official receipts and official correspondences regarding the trademark.